Welcome to upholSTORIES — a photography project and exhibition of abandoned couches and almost abandoned stories, in which we ask:

what do we throw out and why and, more importantly, what part of ourselves is lost or kept in the process?


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“If you look at a thing, the very fact of your looking changes it…
If [it makes you] think about yourself, that very fact changes you.
~ Robert Penn Warren

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  1. My uncle Stan always dropped in to visit 10 minutes before my parents were ready to go to bed. He recently retired. My dad, not so much. He claimed his cushion on the couch and went on to wax eloquently about whatever was on his mind. Then in an enlightened moment he gathered we four stair step children and had us sit on that same couch while he documented for history our lives on that night, in that moment. We were all in dressing gowns and pj’s. My sister had a chenille dressing gown with a reindeer with a red nose on the hem. I did not. My life has been a journey to find that dressing gown and claim it as my own. Sibling covertness. These are the things we think we leave behind.


    1. Oh my god, Sheree…. just now seeing this. What a great memory. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing. The things we think we leave behind indeed. Wild, eh? The power of these things. I have no doubt the dressing will find you or something equal to the feeling it gave you… xo


    1. Me too, Naomi. That’s exactly what inspired the whole thing. And I just loved talking to people at the show about that. Never ceased to amaze me, the power of street furniture to tap into something quite special. And a lot of very touching, and funny memories. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! Always good to see you. And my apologies. I haven’t checked the site since the show ended. Cheers!

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